Influence of a Proposed Switching Method on Reliability and Total Harmonic Distortion of the Quasi Z-Source Inverters

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An Improved Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (ISPWM) technique carried out to obtain pure sine waves for voltage and current signals in Quasi Z-Sourc Inverters (QZSIs) in the load side is given in this study. This switching method can be examined to two and multi-phase approaches simply through the addition of the same controller structure to per phase. This is the main advantage of the proposed converter to obtain higher voltage gains at the output ends of this inverter. The idea is to generate a positive rectified voltage at the output point of the QZSI and positive and negative rectified voltages at the output terminals of the QZSI in two-phase approaches to improve the quality of the output voltage of the F-Bridge Inverter (FBI). These rectified voltages are applied to the Full-Bridge Inverter (FBI) block and pure sine waves to obtain the load current and voltages. 1.34% of the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for the output voltage has been reported in the one-phase system while 0.88% of THD has been obtained in the two-phase approach. Besides, the reliability of the QZSI was tested through the Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) analysis with the values of the proposed components. The calculations show a very good result for the long-life of the converter. All experimental and simulations steps have been obtained for the same values of the components to support and confirm the accuracy and correctness of the proposed IMSPW. For the states of single-phase and two-phase converters, a 50 Hz sine-wave with 220 V and 440 V peak to peak amplitude has been acquired. Evaluations of the quality of the voltage and current waveforms related to different active (Resistive, P) and reactive (combination of Resistance and Inductance, QL) loads have been carried out. Experimental results show confirmation for all simulation and mathematical results.


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Sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM), F-bridge inverter (FBI), total harmonic distortion (THD), mean time to failure analysis (MTTFA)


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