Sodium silicate-formamide grouted silt and silty sand properties

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In this study, the hydraulic conductivity and strength characteristics of various graded silt and silty fine sands grouted with sodium silicate-formamide solutions were investigated. In the determination of the most suitable sodium silicate-formamide solutions for grouting, viscosity, gel time, and syneresis tests were implemented at first. SF1 and SF7 solutions were found convenient accordingly. The groutability tests were conducted on the silt and silty fine sand specimens prepared at five different gradations with SF1 and SF7 solutions and all specimens were successfully grouted. The successfully grouted specimens were kept under two different curing conditions, wet-cured and air-dried, and subjected to unconfined compressive strength (UCS) tests at different time intervals. As the UCS of air-dried specimens increased the UCS of wet-cured specimens decreased with time. In general, the UCS of air-dried specimens was higher than those of wet-cured samples. The UCS values of specimens grouted with SF1 solutions were higher than those of SF7 grouted specimens. On the other hand, the permeabilities of silt and silty fine specimens were reduced with both SF1 and SF2 grouts and the permeabilities of SF1 injected samples were higher than those of SF7 grouted samples. The permeabilities of SF1 and SF7 grouted specimens increased with time.


Anahtar Kelimeler

formamide, Silt, strength, sodium silicate, fine sand, hydraulic conductivity


Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology

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