An Optimized DTW Algorithm Using the RMSE Approach to Classify the Liquids in Ka-Band

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In this paper, a new optimized algorithm is presented to classify the liquids with high-level accuracy using raw data which show the transmission parameter of liquids. The free space measurement method, one of the microwave spectroscopy methods, has been chosen to collect the parameter for use in detecting illegal and explosive liquids. The aim is to classify the liquids that the passenger can choose with his/her plane journey. To classify and identify these liquids, instead of a multivariate data analysis method, a simpler dynamic time warping algorithm method is proposed. It is advantageous to intervene in this algorithm to perform the classification process better. It will be able to determine the most contradictory similarities among the signals collected from liquids and perform the best classification process. Thanks to this feature, it is expected to give better results than the algorithms proposed earlier. Because, it is thought that the liquids can be classified by the parameter which has unique properties of liquids. Furthermore, this algorithm will allow an intermediate group of suspicious liquids to be detected in another group. The performance of the proposed model is discussed in terms of its potential for reducing the classification problem and composing a database which can be used to identify the un/known materials easily.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Classification, DTW algorithm, Hazardous materials, Microwave spectroscopy, Unsafe liquids


Iete Journal Of Research

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