Silver nanowire loaded self-healing EVA films

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In this study, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) transparent nanocomposite films, which heal easily with the inclusion of a low amount of silver nanowire (AgNw), were produced. For this purpose, first AgNw was homogeneously dispersed in the polymer solution and then, nanocomposite films were produced from the solutions by casting method. The thermal, mechanical and optical properties of the produced films were characterized. Self-healing properties of nanocomposite films were confirmed by optical microscopy and mechanical tests. Optical microscope results showed that the optimum recovery temperature was 130 degrees C and the addition of a small amount (5% w/w) of AgNw reduced the recovery time of the scratch on EVA film reducing the healing time by 66.66% (from 15 minutes to 5 minutes). In addition, tensile test results supported the optical microscope results. DSC results showed that the regular crystal regions were formed in composite films due to the high thermal conductivity and nucleating agent effect of AgNw. On the other hand, DSC curves proved that the healing process was occurred via re-entanglement of the polymer chains by heat effect, while silver nanowire addition did not affect the mechanical strength and transparency of the films, significantly. AgNw-loaded-EVA-based self-healing transparent films can be used for applications such as tempered glass laminates, electrical cables, coatings, packages, especially to protect the product and reduce the cost of repair.


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Silver nanowire (AgNw), ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), nanocomposite film, self-healing, transparent, thermoplastic


Journal Of Thermoplastic Composite Materials

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