A Demand Side Management Controller Configuration for Interleaved DC-DC Converters Applicable for Renewable Energy Sources

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In Micro-grid applications, accuracy and sensitivity of the Demand Side Management (DSM) process decrease when the load impedance changes. In this study, the impact of the DSM is analyzed and the interleaved structure is presented for DC-DC converter blocks equipped with adaptive PI controllers. This approach reinforces a same voltage source that can be a serial and parallel connection of Photovoltaic (PV) panels in different power rates as the input voltage source to enhance the voltage to the micro-grid DC level and is modeling the power transmission in Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) that they produce limited amounts of power. For the voltage droop problem, the Power-Voltage (P-V) approach is selected. Since the resistive loads are considered in this study, this approach can control DC currents based and depending on the DC voltages in DC micro-grid applications. For per controller block, different values of the gain coefficients are tested and the optimal droop coefficients are presented. All simulations have been done in MATLAB/SIMULINK and a prototype by power around 1kW is tested. The results of the hardware implementation confirm the theoretical and simulation outcomes.


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DC-DC power boost converter, demand side management (DSM), Micro-grid; photovoltaic (PV), renewable energy sources (RESs)


Electrical and Electronic Devices, Circuits, and Materials: Technological Challenges and Solutions

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