A PID-Controlled High DC Voltage Gain Switched-Inductor and Switched-Capacitor-Based DC-DC Power Buck-Boost Converter Design for Solar Energy Application

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DC-DC converters are widely applied in different industrials such the Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) utilizations, Electrical Vehicle (EV) applications and power transmission technologies. Different topologies are presented for these converters including the modified Buck, Boost or Buck-Boost converters, switched-inductors and switched-capacitor-based structures and circuits with transformers. A DC-DC converter is needed to transmit and make the voltage applicable to the grid or home applications to use the different levels of the generated voltage by different voltage sources. In this study, a switched-inductor-based converter is presented to operate in low or high-power utilizations. One application of the proposed converter is aiming to supply the necessary voltages to the devices requiring low voltage, such as mobile phones and computers, and transmit the obtained voltage to the electricity grids that can be categorized at the high-voltage applications. Based on the load voltages level, there is a need to obtain a high-gain converter, which can operate as a buck and boost converter. Since electrical energy must be transmitted as lossless as possible, the converter must be highly efficient. In the proposed converter, the number of the components are optimized and only one power switch is used. The main advantage of the converter is that it can be controlled simply since it contains only one power switch. Also, three diodes are used in the proposed structure that only one of them is activated at the time intervals that the switch is on ON-state and the other two diodes are activated for the OFF-state of the switch. All these features can help for obtaining smaller dynamic and switching losses through the power transmission process. Both inductors are charged in the ON-state and discharged in the OFF-state operational modes that can guarantee a Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM) working conditions for the converter. Also, a capacitor is used to transfer the voltage between the input and output sides during the switching process.


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SEPIC Converter, High voltage gain, Switched-capacitor, Switched-inductor, PID


Journal of Innovative Science and Engineering (JISE)

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