Productivity Analysis of Timber Skidding Operation with Farm Tractor

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Farm tractors equipped with necessary attachments have been widely used in skidding of forest products in Turkey. There are farm tractors of different types and sizes used in forest operations. For appropriate logging plans and better machine selections in mechanized forest operations, it is important to analyze the efficiency of farm tractors during skidding operations. In this study, it was aimed to analyze the productivity of timber skidding operation with farm tractor. Time study was used to estimate productivity and then the effects of specified factors (volume and number of piece) on productivity were investigated by using statistical analysis. Logging operation took place in a black pine (Pinus nigra) stand located in the province of Köyce?iz in Mu?la. Time data of work stages (i.e. move-out from landing to stump unloaded, choker setting at the stump, skidding loaded from stump to landing, and unloading at the landing) during uphill skidding operation were collected for two skidding trails with different slope classes (20% and 30%) while average skidding distance was kept constant at 100 m. It was found that the average productivity for two slope classes were 5.72 m3/hr and 4.30 m3/hr, respectively. The results indicated that the productivity increased as the volume of skidded logs per turn increased for both slope classes. On the other hand, increasing number of pieces transported in each turn caused reduction in productivity of skidding operation by farm tractor. The most time consuming work stage was skidding followed by move-out unloaded and choker setting stages. © 2021 Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases.


Anahtar Kelimeler

Forest transportation, productivity, skidding by farm tractor, time study analysis


European Journal of Forest Engineering

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