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  • Öğe
    (2018) Sarıoğlu, Mustafa; Yıldırım, Özgür
    Whether new vocabulary items should be taught in semantic, thematic or unrelated sets is a controversial issue in L2 lexical research. Although many studies suggest that presenting L2 words simultaneously in semantic sets has an interfering effect on the acquisition of those words, most of them have been conducted under strictly-controlled experimental conditions. Therefore, there is still a lack of classroom-based studies on this matter. With this in mind, this study aims to compare the effects of teaching new words in semantic, thematic and unrelated sets on EFL learners’ acquisition of these words in a natural classroom setting. 18 participants were taught the real L2 target words in one of these three types of clustering through pictorial flashcards. They were also provided with a number of meaningful encounters with the target words in sentential contexts. The results showed that all of these three clustering types supplied EFL learners with very efficient recognition and production of the target vocabulary not only immediately after the treatment but also three weeks later. The study findings did not reveal any interfering effect of presenting and practicing semantically related words at the same time in real classroom conditions.
  • Öğe
    (2017) Sarıoğlu, Mustafa; Saraç, Mehmet
    FATIH Project is regarded as one of the most inclusive ICT integration attempts in the history of Turkish education. This nation-wide project entails equipping each classroom with an interactive whiteboard and supplying each student with a Tablet PC. The in-service teacher training courses are by far the most crucial component of the project as teachers are the end-users of those facilities in classrooms. Despite the abundance of studies on the opinions and attitudes of teachers towards the use of ICT technologies in general, to our knowledge, there exists no research study which specifically investigates whether the views and in-service training needs of teachers differ according to their distinct subject areas. With this in mind, this qualitative study aims to explore the perceptions and needs of 35 Turkish in-service teachers from different branches about in-service training courses within the scope of FATIH project. The study adopted a case study design. The research site and participants were selected purposefully. The data were mainly collected through questionnaires, and the accuracy of these data was validated through semi-structured interviews conducted with 30% of the participants. The collected data were analysed through the content analysis method. The study findings revealed a good deal of research evidence on the divergent training needs of teachers from various subject areas. Thus, it suggested that in-service training courses should be planned and organised as branch-specific.
  • Öğe
    A Matter of Controversy: Teaching New L2 Words in Semantic Sets or Unrelated Sets
    (2018) Sarıoğlu, Mustafa
    The relevant literature reveals no consensus on whether new vocabulary items should be presented in semantic or semantically-unrelated sets in L2 classrooms. Actually, there is an excessive amount of research evidence on the interfering effect of teaching semantically-related words at the same time. However, the majority of these studies have been carried out under strictly-controlled laboratory conditions, so there is still need for more classroom research on this controversial issue. The present study aims to investigate the effects of presenting novel words in lexical sets versus semantically unrelated sets on students’ acquisition of these words in a real classroom setting. The participants, 44 Turkish EFL learners, were taught 12 English target words in either semantic or unrelated clusters. The vocabulary instruction was given through pictorial flashcards accompanied by several sentential contexts, which supplied the participants with several meaningful encounters with the target vocabulary items. The results indicated that both types of vocabulary instruction provided EFL learners with effective recognition and production of the target words immediately after the treatments as well as two weeks later. These findings revealed no statistically significant difference between clustering words in semantic sets and unrelated sets. Hence, the current study did not find out any interfering effect of teaching semantically related words simultaneously in a real classroom condition.